Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research

In January of 2017 Christopher Uller began collaboration with the Multicultural Marketing Research Company. During this time, Christopher analyzed qualitative and quantitative data produced from focus groups, interviews, and numerical records, generating comprehensive and clear campaigns that can be found throughout New York City.


NYC Well Mental Health Campaign

The NYC Well Mental Health campaign was introduced in early summer of 2017 and features several versions, including Spanish language campaigns in specific neighborhoods within NYC boroughs. The poster features an orange banner at the bottom with details on where to call for services.

NYC Department of Health Zika Virus Travel Warning

The NYC DOH's Zika Virus Travel Warning campaign premiered in June of 2017, just before the height of the summer travel season. The campaign focuses on communicating the risks that "still" loom in zika prevalent countries. There are several versions, including one focusing on family.



NYC Department of Health Sugary Drink Campaign

The Sugary Drink Campaign for the NYC Department of Health features an obese soda bottle that is anthropomorphized in order to deliver a stronger impact on the audience. This campaign first appeared in late summer of 2017 and can still be found throughout the city.

NYC Department of Health Your "Number" Campaign

Vibrant and elementary, the NYC Department of Health's "Number" campaign showcased the amount of tries it took New Yorkers to quit smoking. The takeaway was to never give up; that for some it's quick and for others it may be longer, but that no matter what, smoking cessation is possible. This campaign began appearing in the beginning of 2018.